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11 January 2008

Confession of a Political Blogger

Last night's GOP debate in South Carolina was the first one I've watched in its entirety. I know, I know... I have a political site and I should have watched all of them, but I've been pacing myself so I don't lose all interest in this election.

I'm glad I watched though and I hope TonyR did too. He has called Thompson a "corpse"...but that was certainly dispelled last night. Thompson was on fire. He made the Huckster look silly (well, Huck kinda did that on his own by wearing a suit that was obviously left over from the pre-Nutra System days).

What sets Thompson apart is that he doesn't sound like a pre-programmed politician (Romney, Giulinani). He comes across like a wise grandpa that's imparting his amassed wisdom. It's a sin the gen pop doesn't know just how versed he is in foreign affairs and international relations.

IMO FDT was the hands down winner last night. Huckabee's "gates of Hell" line was good (I'll give him that), but Thompson really rose to the occasion and finally let everyone see what a select few of us already knew: He is the clear choice.

All the candidates evoked Reagan last night, but Human Events ("Reagan's paper of record") is only endorsing one of them: Fred Thompson...

"We begin by recalling the profound words of Ronald Reagan at the Conservative Political Action Conference Feb. 15, 1975: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” We believed that then, and we believe it now. The issue for us -- and for the conservative community -- boils down to which of the candidates is most representative of the fundamental conservative principles we believe in. The answer is Fred Thompson." (source)


The All Seeing Eye said...

Even Jackie Mason agrees with us...


revolution grey said...

Fred Thompson is nothing more than a hollywood elite. You know coming from hollywierd he's tasted the male member. Probably like most so called "conservatives" is a closet pedofile, seems to be par for the course. Most, make that 99%, of the "right wingers" I personally know are racist homosexuals who would shoot themselves if they were outed. "Ala" keep up the liberal propaganda and trying to help lead the masses to a socialized world. By the way you look like a tranny but you are posting for Fred and the so called "republican party" I guess thats enough said.