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04 December 2007

The You Tube Debate

Did anyone watch the CNN-YouTube Debate last night? I'm wondering how involved people are --or how fed up people are already...

Anyway, the snitty little exchange between Romney was quite amusing. Romney accused Giuliani of making NYC a sanctuary city and Giuliani turned it back around and claimed MA had 6 sanctuary cities and that the governor's home was a "sanctuary mansion" that employed illegals. (That was a pretty good one...)

McCain said Ron Paul's brand of isolationism is what caused WWII --this is what allowed Hitler to come to power. he said that he just spent time with the troops and their message is "let us win!" Paul CLAIMS he gets the most of his money from "active duty personnel." I'd like to see the paperwork on that claim.

You all know I'm a Thompson girl, but I do really like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo...and I'd love to buy McCain a beer or two. I swear it's not the Mormon thing, but handsome or not something about Romney rubs me the wrong way...he makes me think of that line from Sixteen Candles about the "oily variety bohunk". Something bothers me about Giuliani too. Neither of them seem sincere to me. Paul's a bit of a loon IMO, but at least he seems like he's passionate and believes what he's saying. Being perfectly candid, I'm going to be pretty upset if either Romney or Giuliani get the nomination...

You can watch some excerpts HERE if you missed it.

I think this is one of the most effective ads I've seen to date. Not an attack ad -just using the candidates own views and stands. I think I can see Romney wincing from here:

H/T: jay at Stop the ACLU

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