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06 December 2007

Huckabee's Quandry

I can't tell you how many emails I get with "on background" "dirt" on all the GOP candidates. I have only looked into a few of the stories because I'm not interested in the time Giulinani dressed like a chick or Romney farted at a press conference or any of the other little nitpicky things that get floated during primaries.

However, that being said, this new Huckabee debacle that's emerging has the sustenance I feel is post-worthy...(and yes, if it were Fred I will still post it):

"But critics -- including the prosecutor in the case and the victim of the 1984 rape -- say Huckabee wrongly went to bat for a man who should have been kept in prison. Dumond sexually assaulted and killed another woman after he was released from the Arkansas facility, and has since died in prison.

"I am deeply sorry, and I mean, awfully, just horrified [at] what happened,'' Huckabee told reporters. "And there is not a single person that will ever bring those women back to their families.''

The Huffington Post, an online newspaper, escalated the matter Tuesday with the disclosure of several letters from women who said they had been raped or threatened with rape by Dumond. The women -- whose names are blacked out in the Huffington Post story -- asked then-Governor Huckabee to do what he could to keep Dumond behind bars..." (source)

I have always said here that judges and lawyers should be held accountable when they let a guilty person go free and the commit another crime -so why should a Governor be any different? Huckabee stepped in to help free this man and now a woman is dead. No amount of "sorry"s can bring her back. As you all know, Huckabee's not my guy, but if this were my guy...I'd be re-thinking.


Reagan Republican said...

I agree. This and his immigration position will cause him to fall back to Arkansas. Hmmm...who else is from Arkansas?

The All Seeing Eye said...

Hearing more from Huckabee, Ron "I'm the new Ross Perott" Paul, McCain "the Keating [fab] Five", and the bibkering from the Demos pushes me further into Fred's campaign. I just hope Fred picks up the pace and goes lights out on the pretenders...