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17 September 2007

FDT, Moveon.org and Teri Schiavo

(H/T: Stop the ACLU)

Both Stop the ACLU and Michelle Malkin want FDT to "take a stand" on the Terri Schiavo. When asked about it he said "he had no opinion and couldn’t remember the details." I am ONLY GUESSING here, but I would assume from his other (hands-off) government views that he would agree with me and say that Congress had no business involving themselves with this case. The right keeps talking about the "sanctity of marriage" and Teri was indeed married, and (like him or not) her husband did what he said she wanted...and what most people I know would have wanted. Let's ask Fred about the border, Iraq, Iran, China, Darfur, and a difinitive statement against socialized medicine and leave Teri to finally rest in peace.


Angela said...

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Anonymous said...

If Fred cared about the Republican Conservative Core voters he would have been at the Value Voters Debate last night in Florida. Since Guiliani, Romney and McCain were not present this would have been a grand opportunity for Fred to sway votes his way. But his absence speaks loudly to me. He had my vote but he has lost it and many others feel the same way.

Christian said...

Good Day :) God is Love, May you experience God's Love this Day, may we really learn to Praise him in all things :) Lets Share God's Love today :) You are Loved!

A. Renee Daley said...


I for one am glad that Thompson is not pandering to the Right-Wing Religious Fundies. A true Federalist won't.

See the problem is that what many conservatives believe are the "core" values of the party - aren't really core values at all. Most conservatives have no idea what the core values are anymore - since they've been so diluted by neo-cons.

Smaller, less intrusive government, strong military defense, fiscal responsibility, and personal responsibility.

Learn them, know them, love them.

Warren Brown said...

What the fuck is it with you wingnuts and your phoney candidates???

What qualifications does Thompson have?? Oh that's right, he plays a DA on teevee... you people are so pathetic.

It's nappy time Fred.

Bob Waters said...

Sorry, but we don't know what Terry would have wanted. We have only Michael's word for that. And sorry again, but allowing somebody to be starved to death on the basis of hearsay involves constitutional issues which go far beyond state juristiction.

FDT's mishandling of this issue and your response make it very difficult for me to continue my support of his candidacy, quite frankly. You guys need to engage the issues, and not pawn equal protection issues off on the states. The Federal constitution guarantees that right- and rightly so!

Anonymous said...

I suppose Freddy can't remember the OKC bombing or 9/11 and probably doesn't have an opinion on those either. Sheesh.

Dumb, Deceptive and Divorced. Three strikes--yer out!

MacBigot said...

It's amazing to me that some self-proclaiming 'Conservatives' want both the sovereignty of the Family (don't teach my kids, and don't take my guns), AND they (I'm speaking of the ridiculous caricature of the Right that leaned into the Shaivo spotlight at this point) expect that the government should interfere because they can't comprehend that MAYBE Terri's husband was telling the truth.

Of COURSE we can't know this for sure -- but we can know that once they married, they shared that decision between THEM, not the family that raised her.

That's part of the whole marriage thing, folks -- if you're not fully invested in the concept, don't go there, or make sure your paperwork covers all the exceptions to the parts you don't agree with (i.e. Living Will, Prenuptual Agreement, etc.).

Outside of that, there is no place for Government, Religion, or Mother-in-Law where a spouse's life choices are concerned.

You can't ride both sides of the fence; either you want government in your bed, or you want it to stay outside your house. Pick one, and stop the whining.