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09 September 2007

FDT Bus In South Carolina 9/10/07!

Monday, September 10
South Carolina Fredheads

Greenville, SC
Greenville Marriot
One Parkway East
Greenville, SC 29615
8:50 am – Doors Open

Columbia, SC
Doc’s Barbeque & Southern Buffet
1601 Shop Road
Columbia, SC 29201
12:50 pm - Doors Open

Check Here to see when Fred will be in your state!


E said...

Why has nobody called Thompson out on his tremendous gaffe the other day.

He said this after being asked if it was wise to invade Iraq without dismantling al-Qaeda:

"It's not an either/or situation; sometimes you don't have a choice. Saddam Hussein was on the cusp as having defeated the United Nations and the free world and the United States. He had certainly had weapons of mass destruction and had the capability of reviving his nuclear program. In light of what Iran is doing today with their nuclear program, he certainly would have gotten back on the stick and gotten there again..."

What does this even mean? Isn't this statement even more bizarre and wrongheaded than saying bin Laden is a symbolic leader?

Where is the outrage on this comment? Why have none of the major campaign blogs hosted at news sites and elsewhere reported the gaffe?


When other candidates say something that doesn't make any sense or flatly contradicts with reported facts, news organizations should report the discrepancies.

Anonymous said...


Ummm, because it's not a tremendous gaffe, that's why. We showed that we could walk and chew gum at the same time, and the U.S. military can fight two on fronts simultaneously. After al-Qaeda was stripped of its sanctuary in Afghanistan, it was time to strip it of sanctuary in other terror-supporting states. If you are going to assert that there was no relationship between Saddam and al-Qaeda, captured documents from Iraq and circumstantial evidence indicates otherwise. Bin Laden is more a symbollic leader now in the fact that his ability to operate without freely is severly curtailed, and he is reduced to either a cave or a remote village in Pakistan. He may not even be alive- these videos may have indeed been recorded some time ago, and for that reason he is more symbol than he was in the past- al Qaeda may trot him out as a bogeyman solely to harrass us, regardless if he's alive or dead. Fred has stated he still must be killed, and that bounty will forever remain on his head.

Every assertion that Fred said in that statement is factually correct. Deal with the facts, Democrat apologists.

joshua said...

I'm wondering why Fred is chickening out of the Lincoln/Douglas style debate challenge from MIKE HUCKABEE. Fred, you said that this is the way it should be done, but yet you won't follow through...sad.

Does Fred have enough substance or is he just "Hollywood Hype"?

Anonymous said...


He didn't call for that kind of one-on-on debate in the primary, with 9 viable candidates still in the race. Why should he pick Huckabee to debate? Why not Giuliani or Romney or McCain, top tier candidates? Why should Fred give Huckabee more exposure at this stage, when his sagging poll numbers don't deserve any more attention then they are getting?