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05 August 2007

I'm With Fred Gets a Makeover

While Fred Thompson's official site was getting all gussied up with a new look and some new interactive features...

A whole lotta "right-of-center bloggers" were voting on their MOST and LEAST desired 2008 Republican nominees.

The winner of the "Most Desired" category? Fred Dalton Thompson with 86.5 of the votes (a full 16.5 lead over the next in line, McCain)

When all positives and negatives were averaged out, FDT led with 80.5% of the votes. The runner up was Duncan Hunter with 51.5%.

The LEAST desirable? Need I even say? Ron Paul with a whopping 87%.

You can Go over to Right Wing News and see all the results and what Bloggers were involved in the poll.

Then you can go take a peek at Thompson's new-and-improved site. (Keep checking back today...the makeover may still be underway).

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Excelsior said...

Thanks for the tip, Ala. I'm glad you are alert to things like this.