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02 August 2007

FDT's "Failed" Fundraising...

Have you seen all the stories out there about the failure in fundraising for June? Like this one from the Houston Chronicle:

Thompson's fundraising falls short of goal

"Republican Fred Thompson on Tuesday reported raising nearly $3.5 million in one month for his expected presidential bid, lagging behind his backers' original $5 million goal.

The Law & Order actor and former Tennessee senator filed documents with the Internal Revenue Service that provided the first glimpse of the all-but-certain White House hopeful's financial situation.

Thompson spent only $625,745 of the $3.46 million he raised in June, the first month of his preliminary campaign committee, the report showed. Still, the total fell short of the $5 million target his backers initially set in a one-month "testing the waters" of a presidential bid." (source)

I guess it wouldn't be newsworthy if the journalists actually put the stories in context. Thompson raised almost TEN TIMES what Giuliani and McCain rose in their exploratory months. Romney actually rose more than Thompson, but he also loaned his campaign $850,000. There are also campaign rules and limits as to what can be raised for an exploratory campaign. A potential candidate can't raise "what could reasonably be expected to be used for exploratory activities" (according to the FEC).

Combine those two tidbits with the simple fact that the Thompson campaign has not sent out ANY direct mailings or made any telephone calls.

Makes the $3.46 million a bit more of an accomplishment now doesn't it...

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Galena Martin said...

Go Fred....Memphians love you! Where do we sign up to help with your campaign? Do you have headquarters in Memphis, yet?

Excelsior said...

Ala, I've been a bit concerned about FDT's fundraising. Thanks very much for providing the context that explains what the numbers really amount to.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Jus got my first request in the mail from Fred for a contribution... I will be sending a few bucks. More money will come his way once he really announces.

SoHoS said...

I'm from Houston....so embarrassing. I am with Fred!