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30 August 2007

Closing the Gap

Thompson is expected to officially declare his Oval Office intentions shortly after Labor Day. I'm glad he's taken this time to get his house in order before jumping into the fray...

A new Rasmussen Poll "finds Obama with a lead over as-yet-undeclared candidate Fred Thompson, 45-41. That number, however, continues to get closer. Obama held a seven-point lead over Thompson two weeks ago, and in March that lead was in double digits." (source)

"Thompson is currently viewed favorably by 40% of voters nationwide, unfavorably by 38%. That latter figure is the highest level of unfavorable yet measured for the movie star turned politicians turned TV star. Favorable opinions of Thompson have declined a bit from their peak at 48% in late June.
Giuliani is now viewed unfavorably by 42%
Barack Obama is now viewed unfavorably by 43%" (source)

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