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27 August 2007

Ben Stone is "With Fred"

All fellow Law & Order fans will remember ADA Ben Stone:

"...ORIGINAL "Law & Order" star Michael Moriarty is endorsing Fred Thompson for president, according to reports.

The actor who played Ben Stone, the first assistant DA, on the hit series is saying that he's voting for fellow "L&O" star Thompson because Thompson is against abortion.

"I will personally vote for Mr. Fred Thompson and help his campaign as best I can," the actor told a North Carolina newspaper over the weekend.

"I don't believe his entrance into this campaign ever carried enough pro-life commitment to do the job that has to be done," Moriarty says, referring to his belief that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

But no other candidate was sufficiently anti-abortion to appeal to him, the actor said." (source)

I wonder how many other Hollywood conservatives FDT can drag from the closet throughout this campaign...?

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The All Seeing Eye said...

Not sure how many "closet" conservatives Thompson can pull from Hollywood. However, he has a good chance of maybe getting some like Arnold did. A number of Arnold's co-stars supporting him and they are no where being close to conservative. Once Thompson declares, his fundraising will sky-rocket. He has a lot of people holding onto their money until he announces.