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16 July 2007

Prepare For What's to Come...

The Tennessean.com has an article detailing the negative stories that have already been printed about FDT and what we can expect to follow an official announcement from Fred:

What has already been rumor mill fodder:

• Questioned whether there is any substance behind Thompson's actor persona.

• Reported that an abortion-rights organization hired Thompson to lobby for it.

Called Jeri Thompson a "trophy wife" and questioned whether her relative youth and beauty would hurt his campaign.

And here is what's to come:

  • Senate record is slim

  • Clients are questionable/Lobbying raises issue

  • He's a Beltway insider

  • All this is good news to me. It means the candidates think the former Senator has a viable shot at the Oval Office or they wouldn't be wasting resources on trashing him.

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    J said...

    They are afraid...and they should be. Go Fred!