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18 July 2007

Jealous They Didn't Think of It...

Everyone was so anxious to declare their candidacy for the '08 race thinking this would give them more time to create name/face recognition and get their "message" (or not) out there. What it gave them was a public that is becoming bored before the games even formally begin. FDT didn't play that way. He foresaw the political fatigue of the American public and now, much like the fabled tortoise, will win the race.

The Dems are hopping mad about it though:

"Democrats point to an FEC regulation saying the “testing the waters” exemption does not apply to funds received for activities indicating that the individual has decided to become a candidate, refers to himself as a candidate, or is raising “funding in excess of what could reasonably be expected to be used for exploratory activities.”

Karen Finney, the DNC communications director, said: “There is an inherent hypocrisy given that Thompson campaigned as a reformer, called for broader disclosure and railed on the campaign finance problems of Democrats.”

A Thompson adviser said he is fully obeying the law. “We’re doing what we supposed to be doing, which is raising enough to build a team,” the adviser said.

Another Thompson official said: “When you’re trying to determine whether you can be a viable candidate for president, you’re talking about a nationwide fundraising effort. The FEC rules recognize that the ability to raise money is an important factor in determining whether a person is a viable candidate for president, just like traveling the country and collecting endorsements. They’re all activities to gauge your potential political strength.” (source)

Fax machine, phones and emails were abuzz at the DNC making sure everyone in the left'o'sphere (led by the Kos Kids) got this manufactured (and really quite boring) story out there.

I have no doubt the announcement will be made at the most prudent time for FDT, not the DNC, Hillary or Kos. He has hired stellar people that know what they’re doing and I’m glad to see a man that knows how to pace himself...

(Photo Credit: Washington Post)


Adam said...

We live in a nation of laws, not whims and good feelings: to what extent do Thompson's actions indeed run afoul of the law, especially given his clear statements that he has decided whether to run and that he intends to do so?

That the source of the critique may be from Democrats does not mean that it's not the correct reading of the law.

Excelsior said...

It doesn't mean it's the correct reading of the law either.

FDT is doing a masterful job of conducting a campaign just outside the hullaballoo of the declared candidates. Watch him take off like gangbusters after he actually announces formally.