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05 July 2007

Go Vote for FDT

The Fox Nashville station has a poll running asking:

"If Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson win their parties' nominations, for whom would you vote for president? ">

As of now FDT is winning 88% to Hillary's 12%.

Go vote for Fred.


Hugo Lindquist said...

Duh. Faux 'News' average viewer is 75 years old. Maybe you should try a poll that would tell us something connected with reality.

T-Good said...

FDT looks like, talks like, acts like a President. He's big and intimidating, just the sort of President we need in these times. He's a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy LIKED guns.
He's the type of President who WILL speak softly but carry a BIG stick. That big stick will back him in a New York Minute. I'm referring to our mighty military.
I'd love to see a Republican President referred to as FDT. Has a good ring to it. YEA!!!!!!!