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07 July 2007

The Clintonistas Set Their Wrecking Ball on Fred Thompson
The Left Coast LA Times has a story that attempts to link Fred Thompson to a pro-abort lobby group. This gist of the story:

"...the paper will claim that Thompson was "hired" by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Rights Association, whose director, Judith DeSarno, was acquainted with a then-partner at Arent Fox, former Congressman Michael Barnes. In fact, DeSarno worked as a senior aide to Barnes during his time in Congress. According to Arent Fox insiders, Barnes, who now directs the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and DeSarno are both well-known left-wing activists. Most recently, both were active against the nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Thompson was an adviser to Roberts, and served as his Senate "sherpa" during the confirmation process."

"Thompson was listed as an "enemy" by Planned Parenthood during his time in the Senate. He was twice endorsed by the National Right Life Committee, and had a 100 percent voting record on life issues during his time in the Senate. He has publicly stated his opposition to Roe v. Wade, federal funding for abortion and embryonic stem cell research." (source)

(*During the Bush 41 Administration FDT had a D.C. office at the aforementioned law firm, since his office was in TN, but was never a partner at the heavily Democratic Law Firm that has strong ties to the Clintons*)

Needless to say, I am sure this little unsubstantiated tidbit has been prompted by recent polls showing FDT closing in on Hillary without even declaring. He denies that he lobbied for this group categorically, but conveniently for the Clintonistas that pre-dated lobbying record-keeping, so it’s the word of a now-Democratic law firm and some Democratic activists...against Thompson.

The Clintons are scared and they are smart enough to know that a hot-button issue like abortion is a great place to try to take down the Fred-mentum... Pathetic, yet completely expected.

Here's the most recent FDT Interview (at the FL Young Republicans Convention):

The Clintons are scared and they are smart enough to know that a hot-button issue like abortion is a great place to try to take down the Fred-mentum... Pathetic, yet comepletely expected.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Thompson believes in pardoning a serial felon like Libby has the potential to de-rail his candidacy to a much greater extent than any flip-flop on abortion. I mean, all the GOP candidates are flippin' & floppin' on abortion and all manner of other things. Not surprising, really, given that the GOP has no principles other than to get and abuse power...

TrekMedic251 said...

Hi ALa,..long time not blog. I've added this blog to my blogroll and added a link to the sideboard as well.

Good luck!

Go, Fred! Go!

Excelsior said...

Anonymous at 5:22 am, 7/9, find yourself a nice lib/Dem blog to spout your claptrap on. You are free to blither on this blog, but your nonsense is not welcomed.


upcomingevent said...

The thing I admire about Cusin Fred (I'm a member of that great family) is that he has principles. You got bux, he got principles, and his principles go as far as yur bux, and no futha. He's a man with a strong moral sense, too - you got the bux, he's got your moral sense. It's good to have a whore for president, and Cusin Fred's the man!

He da man! I got me $5, and will be informing Cus what the principle for that $5 is. Of course, $5 doesn't buy much principle these days, but it should cover Cus' true conscience with $4.83 left over.

Excelsior said...

Hey, ComingE, your tasteless attempt at sarcasm goes a long way toward explaining why you cut and run socialists don't make much headway in the Old South.


Excelsior said...

Yo, Anonymous at 5:22 am, 7/9/07, read this about the Libby injustice and weep: