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11 June 2007

The Thompson Effect

"Fred Thompson’s expected entry into the tight Republican presidential race is drawing crucial strength from conservatives and older men, vaulting him into the thick of the nomination fight, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll says.

The survey shows the top Democratic contender, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has twice the support from women as her nearest rival, Barack Obama, but dwindling strength among men. Her margin over the Illinois senator has eroded slightly since the last AP-Ipsos poll, in March.

Thompson, who has sandwiched an acting career around a largely anonymous eight years as Tennessee senator, has not formally entered the race. But he already has impressed many people. One in four of his supporters cites his strong character, more than any other GOP candidate.

“He can be kind of Reaganesque in his engaging with people,” said Ronald Coppinger, 47, a carpenter from Indianapolis, describing a plainspoken style like the late President Reagan’s. “I think that’s important.”

That has helped place Thompson firmly in the top tier among GOP contenders in the AP-Ipsos poll released Saturday. It shows former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani with 27 percent; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., at 19 percent; Thompson essentially even with McCain at 17 percent; and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 10 percent..." (source)

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Excelsior said...

I'm pretty well convinced at this point that the GOP has little if any chance of winning the White House and reclaiming congressional majorities in 2008, unless we have a candidate who can unite and energize the party. I know it's very early in the process, the long, drawn-out process, but judging from the clamor and excitement I see (and feel personally) regarding FDT, I think he may well be the GOP "Neo." Yep, he exudes sincerity. Sure, he's been an excellent actor. Right, his ideas need some fleshing out. But all that aside, I hear common sense in nearly everything the man says, yes, common sense, the kind of basic, "damn, he's right!" type of pronouncements that attract support and motivate the grassroots.

George Will's recent column criticizing FDT as essentially all charm and little substance misses a very important point. Will is very astute and extremely articulate, but I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't quite know what to make of Fred Thompson precisely because of the aforementioned common sense. I suspect Will is such an intellectual that he couldn't grab his butt with both hands, even with written instructions. I wouldn't want a man like that with his finger on the nuclear button; I would (and do) want someone with access to that kind of power to have lots and lots of common sense. RUN, FRED, RUN!

blogger said...

Great shirt!

Fred Thompson 2008