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15 June 2007

The Left is Assembling Their Anti-FDT Talking Points

This from Lone Star Times:

"According to the much viewed The Politico website, there is a clear outline of how to hurt Thompson. Some arguments to expect:

– Lobbyist: Thompson made nearly $1.3 million over about two decades of lobbying both before and after his eight-year Senate stint . . ..

Some of Thompson’s clients could prove tricky to explain, from a British reinsurance company facing billions of dollars in asbestos claims to deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

– Trial lawyer: Before Thompson won his Senate seat, published reports said his private law practice handled personal injury cases and defended people accused of white-collar crimes. And in the Senate, he opposed some legislation intended to rein in escalating jury verdicts and attorneys’ fees.

– Campaign finance reformer: Thompson was among the leading Republican backers of the sweeping package of campaign finance reforms commonly known as McCain-Feingold.

– Centrist senator: Though the influential American Conservative Union scored Thompson’s Senate career voting record at 86 percent, some of the votes on which he strayed from the GOP fold could prove problematic for ardent partisans.

For instance, he backed a 1998 bill that would have established a temporary farm worker program and a 1996 bill to increase the minimum wage. And he voted against one of the two impeachment charges brought against President Clinton in 1999.

– Abortion-rights supporter: Every time Thompson got the chance in the Senate, he voted with those who oppose abortion rights. But the social conservatives for whom abortion is a litmus test scrutinize every bit of a politician’s record — and Thompson’s provides some fodder for opponents to question the depth of his opposition to abortion rights.

On candidate surveys in 1994 and 1996, he answered that he favored abortion always being legal in the first trimester of pregnancy and opposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution “protecting the sanctity of human life.” (Read the entire post)


Excelsior said...

In my opinion most of these "objections" to FDT are weak or clearly answerable. For example, it's my understanding that he became an ardent pro-life exponent after the birth of his two young daughters. My excitement about his forthcoming candidacy INCREASED when I read these "objections." I don't see any of them as insurmountable, especially when lined up alongside Shrillary-Hillary-Billary's boxcar-load of baggage.

The American Warmonger said...

During Fred's stint as a "trial lawyer" he was a player on the investigation of Watergate. He also was instrumental in ousting the Tennessee governor in 1977 for "selling pardons". With this sort of trial lawyership one can only hope John "The Breck Girl" Edwards gets the DNC nod.

The only real skeletons I can see is in his foreign relations (which might actually be able to be spun positively) and his first wife.

Anonymous said...


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Thanks! Vince