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13 June 2007

Frontrunner Fred?!

The latest Rasmussen poll had Fred Dalton Thompson TIED with Rudy for the top slot among Republican voters... and he hasn't even officially declared!

I'd say all our hard work is paying off folks!

"But clearly the “Thompson epiphany” as some top conservatives are calling it, springs less of love for the Law & Order Republican, and more out of a sense of desperation among base voters who see the former Tennessee senator as the lesser of four evils. “We know that the Ronald Reagan white knight is not going to come flying down the street on his golden horse,” Bill Donohue of the Catholic League told me recently. All Republicans are hoping for at this point, he says, is a “serious-minded person, who’s pro life, not flip flopping, and shows presidential leadership skills. Thompson apparently fits the bill.” (source)

That is from a Rolling Stone article that is a bit of a passive-aggressive piece about Thompson. Calling him "Hollywood Fred", referring to him as only "the actor" and even calling him a "Lazy man's McCain". I guess it's better than their last article that called him a "pro-choice skirt chaser."

This is a man whose ex-girlfriend and ex-wife are willing to campaign for -- that says A LOT IMO.


Jim in Texas said...

Keep up the good work. I check your blog daily for info!

excelsior said...

I don't have a crystal ball that works, but I expect FDT will finally toss his chapeau into the fray officially in about two weeks, perhaps on the Fourth of July. I'm ready to work for him.

thescoundrel said...

I think FDT offers the best chance to the Republicans of winning. Neither Party has displayed a WOW candidate that is a sure fire thing. I am not sure if I were in his shoes if I would throw my hat into the ring until a little later. The POTUS wannabes are so thick that it will be like cannibals eating on each other and exposing inside only knowledge weaknesses until the races thin down some more.

tarpon bill said...

I disagree, it's not a default anybody but the others ... Anyone who wants to can get enough hard information about Fred to know who he is and what he intends to do. Such is the way of the Internet.

The only unknown is what Fred is going to do, and how he plans on running his campaign.