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06 June 2007

Finally, The Actual Official Fred Site!

I'm With Fred.com

"I’m one of tens of thousands of Americans encouraging former Sen. Fred Thompson to run for President. I’d like you to join with me and Fred and all our friends in changing the political landscape in 2008. Senator Thompson recently announced that he was taking some preliminary steps toward entering the Presidential race, and to show my support I signed on as a "Friend of Fred Thompson." I’m writing to ask you to consider doing the same.

Senator Thompson has been a prosecutor, a Senator, and yes, he’s had a couple of movie roles. More importantly, he’s exactly what we need right now – a consistent conservative who can unite our nation and help lead us in fixing our problems, not exploiting them for political purposes.

He’s plain-spoken and means what he says. On the immigration bill, for example, Fred calls it like he sees it:
"No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to win any beauty contests. … We should scrap this "comprehensive" immigration bill until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders -- or at least made great headway."

On folks in Washington who want to raise our taxes:

"They only want to target the rich. They’re off target again, just like they were with the alternative minimum tax. Remember, that was supposed to just target the rich. A word of advice to anyone in the middle class – don’t stand anywhere near that target."

On leadership:

"We're going to have to be more focused, we're going to have be smarter and we're going to have to be more determined and we're going to have to be more together as a nation than we've ever been before."

Fred has said he wants to do things differently. He wants to focus on returning to our founding principles of self-governance, free markets and the rule of law. Those are ideas we’re all invested in – focused on building a stronger, more competitive and innovative America that remains a beacon for the world today … and for the next generation.

I’ve done my part to encourage Fred to run, and I want you to join me. Visit ImWithFred.com to sign up. If we can get enough people to sign on with us and support us, we can change America...together.

Thanks for your interest. I hope you’ll join me and become a Friend of Fred."


Yankee Biz said...

Good article. He's gaining momentum.

BobG said...

I'm signed up!

Excelsior said...

I'm in! Make it happen, Fred! And let's help him do just that!

Cheney08 said...

Fred Thompson is a great American, but I think the best way for him to serve his country in 08 would be as VP on a Cheney-Thompson ticket. There is simply no candidate who can hold a candle to Cheney's experience and leadership.

Excelsior said...

I have tremendous respect for Dick Cheney's experience and abilities.
But there's no way he could get elected, for pretty much the same reason that Newt is not electable. Cheney has been villified so loudly and so often by the MSM that even some GOPers believe he's the reincarnation of the devil. Plus he has some potentially major health issues. Sorry, but Cheney has performed and is currently performing his service for the nation. His time is nearly passed.

H K Flynn said...

Thompson has a great way of nailing issues with very reasonable rhetoric. His judgement translates into his rhetoric.

Great blog. I clicked through and donated.

BadIdeaGuy said...

I've said it before but it's very important for those of us who believe that Fred's the man to put our $ where our mouth (or blog) is. Today I clicked and spent a few dollars on a guy who I largely agree with and think is the right American to be the next President.

Think about this, if you add a mere $25 to the coffer, it may seem like a small amount of money, but the quantity of people donating also makes a difference.

By the way, if you work a lot and don't want an increased tax burden (like me), this is a small investment compared to the investment you'd make with President Edwards, Clinton, or Obama.

ALa, great job keeping this site up, looks like your extra work is going to pay off soon!

Jessica said...

Great blog! I'm right there with ya supporting Fred!

Robert said...

This has got to be the greatest campaign in history (and it still hasn't even officially started yet) I listened to Fred's interview with Sean Hannity and even though I am in complete agreement with everything he stands for it continues to amaze me how he can bring such class to politics. When given the chance to drag opponents through the mud he politely declines to focus on his views and issues, yet has the backbone to say when and where the opposition is wrong. I feel sorry for the others when he declares. He will eat them alive in debates, and I feel as if there will be a landslide reminiscent of the ones we enjoyed in the 80's.

Don Jones said...

Our Website, MyManFred, has it's most important message instantly after the first click and it is non partisan.

You will not have any troble passing it on.....A MUST READ.

Don Jones