We Will Fight To Restore Our Party...Even If It Means a Draft.

08 June 2007

FDT on Hannity & Colmes 6/07

Also read this Townhall article about FDT moving to SECOND place in two different polls without "officially" entering the race:

"Now the critical question is whether Fred Thompson can take the political capital he's already gained by simply saying he's ready to run, and turn it into an overtaking of Giuliani and the other contenders in a Republican slugfest.

The Thompson campaign is a textbook example of how political rumor can become political reality. Few candidates ever enjoy the opportunity of truly being "drafted" into a presidential campaign." (source)

And check out this great new bumper sticker on Cafe Press:


Cheney08 said...
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Cheney08 said...

I'm pulling for Cheney in this election, but I have to say, besides Cheney, Thompson is the most credible, sharp-looking guy on our side. I bet he could blow a lot of the democrats out of the water...

Cheney Thompson 08!

Lady Gator said...

That new bumper stickers is AWESOME! Thanks for your great site!

Devil's Advocate said...

Check out a Pro- Fred Thompson article I wrote titled, “We Need a Lazy Politician.”


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