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18 June 2007

FDT & Obama Lead the South

"Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama and Republican Fred Thompson were the frontrunners in South Carolina's first-in-the-South 2008 presidential primary, according to a poll Sunday.
The survey by the Mason-Dixon polling firm found that African-American support had pushed Obama ahead of US Senator Hillary Clinton, giving him the support of 34 percent of likely voters against 25 percent for Clinton.

Former US Senator John Edwards of North Carolina was third at 12 percent, while 24 percent of respondents were undecided.

Blacks in South Carolina, who could make up more than half of the party's primary voters, favored Obama over Clinton 41 percent to 18 percent, with about one-third of black voters in the state undecided.

In South Carolina's Republican nomination contest, Thompson -- a popular television actor and former Tennessee senator who has not yet formally entered the presidential race -- polled 25 percent. Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani was second with 21 percent.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was third with 11 percent, followed by US Senator John McCain at seven percent. Twenty-eight percent of likely Republican voters were undecided.

South Carolina's Democratic primary is tentatively scheduled for January 29, while the Republican contest has been set for February 2." (source)

A popular online gambling site has placed Thomspon's adds at 20 to 1 and NY's Alfonse D'Amato (the Poker Players Alliance chairman) has endorsed Thompson...


" Fast Freddy" said...

I like fred, but i am a staunch democrat. He is ok but still a republican. that is his only disease. fast freddy

Zelda said...

Hey fast freddy - use your head and vote for the best candidate.

Obama is making a huge bid in the south. They were holding a fundraiser for him at the coolest honkey tonk in Austin. It was like fingers on a chalkboard when I saw it advertised.