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29 June 2007

FDT Marathon on TNT

I just saw an ad on TNT that's bound to make "Fairness Doctrine" folks cry in their Cheerios. It went something like this:

Fred Thompson's face on the screen. You may be wondering what Fred Thompson would be like as the President, and now you can see how he handles his courtroom. Tomorrow on TNT watch the Fred Thompson Law & Order marathon all day.

You couldn't buy better publicity (unless of course Ann Coulter mentions you in a column), but the best part is no one can utter a word of disapproval. Thompson hasn't declared. Marathon away!


Brandon L. Morrow said...

I'm glad you posted this or else I would have missed FDT's marathon. Apparently Thompson's role as a non-official candidate is paying large dividends.

upcomingevent said...

Yep, you get to watch ol' Fred do what he does best: Intone stentoriously the lines written by liberal wack-job scriptwriters, most of whom are drug-addicted faggots.

That's what Repukeliscum like the best of course - empty-headed stentorious script-readers. No need for ideas, principles, or any sort of moral compass. That'll be provided by the various client firms of ol' Fred the Whooore.

Why in the name of gawd is an entire party so stupid as to believe an ACTOR, for gawd's sake! Actors don't know shit, and don't believe in anything. Most of 'em are faggots to boot.

upcomingevent said...

I wonder if ol' Fred is a closet .... NANCY-BOY .... eh??

Excelsior said...

UpCE, if American Idol ever made it possible for an adolescent name-caller with a very limited vocabulary to appear, you should audition. Your comments are not only classless; they're repulsive. Do it again, often. You're the kind of cut and run socialist who turns informed voters off, big-time, to the profane Michael Moore-styled silliness of the radical left.