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01 June 2007

FDT Groups Are Forming

A few weeks ago when you typed Fred Thompson into Meetup.com there were "0 results found"... but I checked again last night and three FDT groups have been started.

So far the following cities have started organizing:

  • NYC Thompson for President Group

  • The St. Lois Thompson Group (This is the bggest one thus far)
    They currently have an event planned:
    Tuesday, Jun 5, 2007, 7:00 PM 20070606T000000Z
    Ozzie's Restaurant & Sports Bar
    645 Westport Plaza
    St. Louis, MO 63146

  • Texans for Thompson
    They have an "Inaugural" Meetup scheduled for June 22nd. Sign up here

  • I hope these groups start popping up in every city!

    Meetup.com also has FDT Message Boards!

    And sorry I missed this one: FredHeads USA. (They have a 6/8/07 dinner in Southlake, TX)

    (Photo credit: Thompson Rally)


    Brian Gregory said...

    We are forming a group in Maryland- even pending.

    Email brian71490@gmail.com if interested.

    FredHead3 said...

    FredHeads USA is a large group and we are in almost all 50 states so far, and growing rapidly every day. We are just getting going on meetup and there is currently a FredHeads USA group on meetup, which is primarily based in North Texas. Here in Texas, we will have 10,000 committed soldiers ready to work for Fred Thompson by July 4th and will have helped to raise lots and lots of money for him. Please check it out and join up. Also check out texasfredheads.mojo4m.com for more details!!! GO FRED!