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04 June 2007

FDT Defends Conservative Policies

"Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson delivered a plain-spoken defense of Republican foreign and domestic policies Saturday night in his first speech since taking steps last week to enter the 2008 presidential race.

"I look at congressional Democrats, and I see the only debate going on in Congress is what our surrender date will be," Thompson told about 400 GOP activists attending the state Republican Party's annual Commonwealth Gala dinner.

"I see Democratic leaders talking about how many seats this war is going to win them," he said. "This is what passes as policy in today's Congress."

"We've got to convince our friends around the world that this is a battle between the forces of civilization and the forces of evil."

"We're a little bit down right now, but we shouldn't be," he said.

"We're going to cut some new ground over the next year or so," he said. "I think we're ready to say to the American people that we're ready to form a new coalition, that we're ready to turn the cynicism around."

**More on this speech can be found at Philly.com


Excelsior said...

I'm ready to work for FDT's election! RUN, FRED, RUN!

Anonymous said...

I think Fred should return to acting.

I respct him, but his attitude about Democrats is the same old hackneyed junk that neocons have been spouting for years.

Instead of promoting division, he'd be a whole lot more electable if he takes steps to mend bridges instead of tearing them down by heavily partisan rethoric.

Excelsior said...

Anonymous, 4:09 pm, I disagree. FDT's remarks are critical of the errors he sees Democrats making time and again. Republicans are supposed to criticize Democrats; it's how our system works. The Democrats are not to be trusted with national security and national defense. Fred knows that.
So do his supporters. And how do you say that without the MSM calling you "divisive"? You can't.
But if you're a principled politician, you say it anyhow, and let the chips fall where they may. Reagan did, and it got him elected twice. RUN, FRED, RUN!