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11 June 2007

Are You a FredHead?

From The Jawa Report:

Do you have recurring dreams of Fred Thompson taking the Presidential oath of office in January, 2009?

Are your three children (including both your daughters) named "Fred Dalton Thompson"?

Have you lobbied Congress to change the law so you can donate even more money to the Friends of Fred Thompson Exploratory Committee?

Do you stay up late at night thinking up ingenious (and mostly legal) new ways to support Fred Thompson?

If any of the above describes you, you are experiencing "Thompson Elative Compulsion Syndrome." By all accounts, this condition is highly contagious and spreading like a wildfire across the United States. Other known side effects are insomnia and an elevated heart rate.

Fortunately, there is no known cure, but there is now a support group.

We are the "FredHeads," a support group/political movement for all FredHeads everywhere.

As you've no doubt experienced, FredHeads are very big on talking about Fred Dalton Thompson. We love to talk about Fred.

That said, we think it's time for a little less talk and a little more action.

If you agree, just click here, and let's get moving:


Anonymous said...

I like Fred Thompson because he's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations that is pushing hard to get us into the North American Union. I also like him because he's an actor...we all know how important that is now a days in the White House. And his lobbying in Washington for foreign companies has given him the foreign policy experience he needs, especially the ability to accept large sums of money for his services. Join the fight at www.ImWithFredT.com - you'll be happy you did.

ALa said...

Wow you Ron Paul people are kooky (much like the candidate himself), but you are dedicted...