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01 May 2007

PI's Looking for Dirt on FDT

"...Former Tennessee U.S. Senator Fred Thompson is drawing nationwide attention for his ongoing flirtation with running for president. He is also drawing a little unwanted attention here in Nashville of a very different kind.Nashville law circles were abuzz last week about professional snoops – either private investigators or opposition research political types - combing public records in Metro buildings looking for potential dirt on Thompson. Property records seemed to be at the top of their list. The word trickled up to Republican Party sources, who insist it is Thompson’s potential GOP primary opponents looking for ammo to use should the television star make the race.Thompson running is a lock, according to GOP sources in the state who know him well..." (source)

"Not that we needed any more proof, but this signifies two things: First, rival campaigns are nervous about him. Second, he's getting in. When the dirt digging begins it isn't just about preparation. This is a strong signal that someone somehwere knows that Thompson is pretty much a sure bet to enter the 2008 race. When he does, the big three better be ready. Thompson may kick one of them to the curb." -David Brody (source)

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Steve said...

Here are a few things I'll bet the opposition researchers will find out about Fred Thompson:

* Fred Thompson once opened a stuck jar of pickles by winking at it.

* Nuclear reactor coolant fills Fred Thompson's hot tub.

* There are only 2 things in life that are certain - Death and Fred Thompson.

* Fred Thompson flosses his teeth with a straight razor.

* Fred Thompson eats lightning and craps thunder.

* Fred Thompson uses a machine gun as a back scratcher.

* If you play Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" backwards, you will hear Fred Thompson loading his shotgun.

* Waldo is hiding because of Fred Thompson.

(swiped from IMAO.us)