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26 May 2007

Jumping the Romney Ship for FDT

And so it begins... We'll see how many politicians regret their hasty endorsements before all candidates declared.

"...Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of 10nessee has swung her support in the presidential race from Mitt Romney to Fred Thompson.

Blackburn, of Brentwood, had served as a senior adviser to the Romney campaign and as national co-chairwoman of Women for Romney.

But she cited her long association with Thompson, a fellow Tennessee Republican, as the reason for supporting him.

Blackburn, who represents parts of West and Middle Tennessee, said she has known Thompson for 30 years and once lived two doors away from him.

A spokeswoman for Romney said Blackburn had called the campaign before announcing her support of Thompson. The spokeswoman said the switch is understandable." (source)

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Excelsior said...

There's going to be more of this. Watch the movement toward FDT's campaign once he has made it official. It'll make me feel like singing.