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09 May 2007

Is Ohio For Fred?

I have gotten quite a few emails asking if certain states have FDT groups/blogs going --and the one I am getting the most inquiries after is OHIO. If anyone knows of any Ohio-based Draft Thompson sites, organizations or grassroots groups...please leave the information in the comments here. Or any other states that I might have missed.



Excelsior said...

I'm in Cincinnati, and I don't know of any Ohio-based FDT blogs. But I'm beginning to detect more and more folks who are becoming aware of the deficiencies of the current GOP slate chasing the nomination for prez. And very nearly all the good folks I've talked to are warming up to FDT and expressing the strong desire for him to run. Run, Fred, Run!

Anonymous said...

Let's cut to the chase- Ohio is THE battleground state where the election will be decided. If the Republicans hold Ohio, we win the election. It's that simple. C'mon Ohioans, it's time to do the heavy lifting now for Fred!

Tim (tmc32) said...

Yes, there is support in Ohio. There are many from Ohio that post regularly on http://draftfredthompson.com

I am one of those regular contributors from Ohio, and I have also started an Ohio for Fred Thompson site. http://conservablogs.com/ohio4fred/

All are welcome to visit, register, comment, and support Fred Thompson.

Draft Fred Thompson 2008 said...

These days, as goes Ohio, so goes the nation.

Ohio won't play as critical a role in the primary fight, but it will likely be the key to 2008.

Go Fred!

ALa said...

Thanks Tim, I put the "Ohio 4 Fred" site in the blogroll and emailed it to those asking!

Tim (tmc32) said...

Thank you, ala.
I have added this site to my personal favorites blogroll on "Ohio4Fred".