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11 May 2007

IMAO "Fred Facts" Tees!

IMAO's "Fred Thompson Facts" post circulated ALL over the blogosphere. People are still linking to it and sending it via email. Now you can have it in t-shirt form! (The original post can be found here).

You can purchase the t-shirt in the IMAO Cafe Press store. Just imagine the conversations at the deli counter...!

Frank J. has made the "Fred Thompson facts" an ongoing feature (why aren't they on the blogroll?!) --and this is my absolute favorite to date:

"Fred Thompson has on multiple occasions solved problems like Maria." (source)

...An actual spit coffee on the monitor moment.

(Disclaimer: Once again I must reiterate that I have NO financial interest in ANY of the products linked on this site -I link to them to promote the candidacy of FDT and support his supporters)


Draft Fred 2008 said...

After a while, you get jaded, but I've gotten a huge kick out of Frank J's list on Fred Thompson.


Tim (tmc32) said...

Just who is Maria?
... and why was she such a problem?


bill said...

Boy - that t-shirt? It comes across as some type of man-love message.