We Will Fight To Restore Our Party...Even If It Means a Draft.

25 May 2007

FDT Featured in Time Magazine

On the strength of that visibility and image, Thompson, 64, has vaulted in public-opinion polls to within striking distance of the leading Republican candidates. In the latest Time poll, he's at 10%, matching Mitt Romney. But Thompson is under no illusion that winning the White House would be easy, despite (or perhaps because of) his frequent acknowledgment that "certain doors have opened to me from time to time in my life."

That is not to say Thompson hasn't had to overcome many personal hardships — a marriage while in high school after conceiving a child with his teenage girlfriend, a subsequent divorce, a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 2 1/2 years ago and, perhaps most traumatic, the sudden death of his daughter Betsy in 2002 from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. He is now married to a Republican political strategist and has two small children.

Born in Alabama and raised in Tennessee, Thompson, the son of a used-car salesman, had no family ties to big-time politics or Hollywood, but his charisma — and luck — eventually helped him succeed in both.

The single most compelling feature of a Thompson candidacy would be his magnetism.
Thompson is most often compared to Ronald Reagan, and the comparison is apt." (source)

The article has a few passive-aggressive moments (saying he isn't thought of as an intellectual, etc.), but there is no such thing as bad publicity at this stage...

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Anonymous said...

just hope fred will consider these items for immigration,,

Build the wall. Put more border patrol there and technology and pass new laws to expidite trials in special illegal immigration courts...so we do not clog up regular courts.

Get a secure Social Security Card. If American Idol can track 70 million votes, so can out government.

Require businesses to verify all employees...doesn't matter how long they have been working there.

Heavily fine all employers for hiring illegals. Use a watchdog system. If your competitor hires illegals, you can turn them in. 3 violations and you lose you license in the state and give bonus to whistle blowers ....thereby giving the state a vested interest.

Make states enforce federal law or lose funds.

Require a social security # or a passport to rent/buy.

Require a social security card to attend school.

Require children to speak English before attending school. If they cannot, require the parents to pay for a tutor or attend remedial classes for basic language skills.

No licenses for illegal aliens. Get caught driving, car is impounded and sold at auction to pay for the expanded border patrol and they are deported.

No more anchor babies. The Constitution did not mean children of illegal aliens.

Give them free health care if they need it. Then handcuff them and deport.

Implement a guest worker program. They can pay for the visa. Commit a crime? Visa is gone.