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18 May 2007

Draft Thompson Montages & Pics...

Now normally I wouldn't post this (as with all the other FDT montages popping up on YouTube) because they are all done to country songs. I know lots of people dig it, but country music is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I love the effort and idea behind these videos, but the reality of having to listen is really more than I can bear. I'm a North-Eastern Yankee, so what's a gal to do...

But, I am linking it because I've noticed that the very first (and terrible) Draft Thompson '08 picture that I made late one night in 2005 is cropping up everywhere on YouTube and MySpace (it's in this too). People, I've made tons of other ones since that sleepless night. Better ones I hope... LOL

Now who is going to make the metal/hard rock call to arms for FDT?


Anonymous said...

Do you realize you're supporting a law-breaker? According to conservative newspaper the Weekly Standard FDT smokes Cuban cigars, in violation of the embargo on Cuban goods.

It is illegal to bring Cuban cigars into this country under any circumstances--even if they were purchased in another country or given as a gift.

tmc32 said...

We have just posted a new Fred Thompson video on YouTube.

The YouTube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wl6M-kVb_8
It is also posted at the bottom of the Ohio4Fred homepage. http://conservablogs.com/ohio4fred/

This video was a collaborative effort between two Fred Thompson supporters form Ohio, tmc32 & FredFan.
The song parody lyrics and performance were provided by FredFan, a "stay at home mom from Cincinnati."
She provided the talent, I just put it together.

Check it out and let me know what you think. You are welcome to post, email, or otherwise promote the link.


ALa said...

Anonymous (aka Michael Moore?):
Do you realize you are committing libel unless you have proof that FDT smokes Cubans?

I'll check it out