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02 April 2007

Thompson and Thompson

This morning I find myself a little aggravated that Tommy Thompson, former secretary of health and human services, has announced that he will run for President.

His polling data is horrible (his 2% to FDT's 12%), but I fear that he will steal some of our Thompson's name recognition.

Some people may not know that is how JFK won his first election. His father, Joe Kennedy, paid someone with the same name as the frontrunner to enter the race...the confusion split the votes and JFK won.


Excelsior said...

Those of us supporting FDT must make CERTAIN that the general electorate is not confused by the two Thompsons.

Is there no end to the egoistic machinations of dippy politicians like Tommy Thompson?

Menorah said...

Some of these guys are only running to raise money that they can keep after the elections to use for certain purposes. They know they can't win but make big bucks campaging.

Anonymous said...

The other Thompson looks like Howdy Doody. Just an observation.

Also, he has zero chance of winning, since he's issue-free and charisma-free as well.

Menorah, above, is right. Most are running to build up their coffers and name rec for future US Senate or gubernatorial runs.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Love the blog. Would love to see it happen.