We Will Fight To Restore Our Party...Even If It Means a Draft.

07 April 2007

Saturday FDT Tidbits

The "Draft Fred '08 Blogroll" is growing everyday. I have been making every effort to keep on top of the emails and checking for new links in technorati, BUT if I should happen to miss your link...please don't hesitate to let me know you want your site added (via email or in the comments here)

Check periodically for new "Draft Thompson" buttons in the sidebar -I make them when the spirit hits...

The pictured shirt is another new addition to the burgeoning collection at Cafe Press.


CavalierX said...

Have you seen Thompson's comments about Iran's latest activities over at RedState?

Excelsior said...

Cavalierx, I read the article from your link. Thanks very much! I'm a FredHead through and through. Man, I hope Fred gets into it and soon!