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09 April 2007

Hollywood Could Play a Major Role in 2008

Many articles, such as this one from the WSJ, are harping on the “major hurdle” FDT will have trying to raise adequate money "this late in the game".

Maybe money isn't the concern we think it is...Maybe Fred knows that his declaration of intent will force undercover Hollywood conservatives to end their silence. We know that they're out there. This election may include a Hollywood fund-raising bash of Clinton/Obama proportions thrown in honor of a Republican for the first time ever... We know that Arnie, Kelsey Grammar, David Zucker, Dennis Miller, Danny Aiello, Patricia Heaton, Adam Sandler, Ben Stein, Drew Carey and '24' creator Joel Surnow are all conservatives --I'd love to see Thompson coax the rest of them out of hiding to balance out the Susan Sarandons and Sean Penns of the industry. Thompson in the race just makes the possibilities that much more interesting... Maybe enough to get as many Americans to vote as Iraqis did...?

The ultimate race (for me anyway) would be Thompson VS Gore. A political blogger's dream come true...

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Excelsior said...

I might add Charlton Heston (despite his illness), Bruce Willis and Bo Derek to the list of Hollywood types who might line up to support FDT. RUN, FRED, RUN!