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04 April 2007

FDT & the MSM Spin

GALLUP: Most Voters Can't Identify Fred Thompson
"A new Gallup poll reveals that former Sen. Fred Thompson would face an uphill battle in a race for president. Right now, according to Gallup, 58% of adults know nothing about him.

Four percent correctly identified him with the TV show "Law and Order"-- the same number who expressed a wish that he run for president. Another 11% identified him, correctly, as an "actor." Just 1% said he was a "conservative/true conservative" and another 1% know that he was or is a "politician." (source)

Now, if the MSM wasn't biased they would have pointed out that IF the poll is accurate and 58% of adults can't identify Thompson...the fact that he's polling THIRD amongst Republicans without campaigning or even announcing-- that is some pretty amazing stuff.

The Mysterious Appeal of Fred Thompson
Actor, Senator, presidential candidate... but what G.O.P. gap is he filling?

"The buzz has been meticulously cultivated. In addition to the yeoman press work done by his surrogates, Mr. Thompson has now hired former Justice Department spokesman Mark Corallo to handle national press. And his planned return to Washington later this month is being plotted with the precision of a military campaign. One advisor says there will likely be an official announcement of some kind within the next two months, if not sooner.

“[Thompson]’s not new at this game,” said Republican consultant Rich Galen. “He just wiggled his nose like that lady on Bewitched, and people swooned. They’re still swooning." (source)

IF it's true that this was all a well-orchestrated plan by FDT...well then I guess that dispels all the other negative stories that have said how lazy he was.


Johnny Ringo said...

I think my brother put it quite well when I approached him about the possibility of voting for Fred.

"Just look at him. Would you want to piss him off?"

For the record, my brother is very right wing... and a high school history teacher. How's that for a rarity?

Reagan earned his tough image through his actions, despite not having an intimidating glare. Fred has "the glare", which would amplify the intent of his actions. How can you not feel safe with him looking out for you?


Steve said...

If we took the msm at face value, we'd nominate Rudy and he'd be beaten by Billary.

Steve said...

I guess I should finish that statement with "... after they reveal all the dirt about his family life in efforts to disconcert 'family values' voters".