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11 April 2007

FDT Inspiring Voters

This Article from the national Ledger is a must-read.

"...Republican talk show hosts and RNC leaders alike, who spent much of the first quarter pimping their favorite liberal Republican buddies, are now shaking off the shock that listeners aren’t following and they are starting to look for ways to claim Fred was all their idea from the start. If Fred keeps climbing in the polls without even entering the race, he might sit it out until he’s in the lead before even announcing he’s in the race. Why wouldn’t he?

Both sides of the aisle are trying to figure out a way to derail the campaign that seems to have a full head of steam, despite the fact that the campaign doesn’t even really exist. It’s like watching Abbott and Costello goes to Washington. No matter how it turns out, it sure is entertaining reality TV.

The experts say that Fred is too late already, a year before the primaries, if you can imagine. He can’t catch up with those already out in front on the campaign fund raising trail. Are they not paying any attention at all to what is happening here?..." (Read the entire article)

There's another good article over at WND: "A Man Named Fred".

And the upcoming Thompson Rally in TN is really gaining momentum... ("Frontier, the local telephone company, is providing Wi-Fi free for the rally. This will enable the news media, bloggers and others to use their laptops at the event!")


Alix said...

dang! if it were in Chattaboogie, i'd go! GO FRED GO!

DJK said...

Cookeville is less than 2 hours from "Nooga". Come on! The 1st one wont ever happen again.

We sure would love to have ALa here!

Go Team,
Darrin -on the Rally frontlines in Cookeville, TN

alix said...

dang! i'm committed to something with the kinder. but i'll be there in spirit!