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11 March 2007

Thompson's Voting Record

Fox News Sunday was a bust as far as a "big announcement" was concerned...but Thompson didn't say he wasn't going to run. I suspect he'll make his decision based on the mood of the Republican party. If conservatives remain discouraged by the current prospects (which they will) --I think he'll have to run.

Senator Thompson's exact answer to Wallace's 'are you going to run' question was, "I'm giving some thought to it. Going leave the door open." (Complete transcript)

For those who are interested in Thompson, but are unaware of his voting record:
Here it is. (The transcript above should also give you some insight into his ideology)

Thompson is:
Pro-life (has always thought the Supreme Court had no legal right to rule on Roe V. Wade)
Pro-Second Amendment
Pro-Death penalty
Against gay "marriage", but believes that Civil Union should be decided on a State-by-State basis.
Supports WINNING in Iraq
Supports overhauling welfare
Supports pardoning Scooter Libby.

And, making him all the more viable in my eyes...the libs over at the Huffington Post have gone all frothy and mad at an article posted by an Air America host saying Thompson seems like a good guy. Their comments are amusing -and if the uniformed libs keep dismissing him as "just an actor"...that's even better for us...


excelsior said...

Fred Thompson gave an awful lot of correct answers to Chris Wallace's questions. I could get VERY excited about a Thompson candidacy for prez. I don't want to see him as somebody's running mate for VP. Fred should head the ticket. Howabout Thompson/Rice?!

Steve said...

That's tough because Condi said she wouldn't run, I take her at her word (though I think she'd be a great choice).

I have no idea what Condi's stance is on domestic issues??

Excelsior said...

Condoleezza calls herself "mildly pro-choice" on abortion. Other than that, I don't know much about her domestic policy positions. If Cheney resigns in the next 6-8 months and Dubya appoints Condi as VP, a whole lot of plans go flying out the window, and we've got a new ballgame.

ALa said...

Is there talk of Cheney resigning?

Reagan Republican said...

I think if Cheney resigns, it will be because of the blood clot in his leg. Politics or not that would be the reason given.

I think Thompson with a side of Rice would be a great ticket to combat Gore/Obama.

Reagan Republican said...

Thompson's posisitons on the issues were perfect. He fills the void the big three leave empty.

Excelsior said...

Ala, I've only heard scuttlebutt about Cheney resigning for health reasons. He's had four heart attacks and has currently been dealing with a blood clot in his leg, as Reagan Republican mentioned. If he does resign in the next 6-8 months and Dubya shuffles Condi into the VP slot, things in the GOP race are going to get very interesting very quickly.

Anonymous said...

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