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08 March 2007

Thompson is Considering a 2008 Run!

"Thompson, 62, now one of the stars of the popular NBC prime time series "Law & Order," has not ruled out a presidential bid, and has authorized advisers and supporters to continue to gauge support.

Advisers are holding regular strategy sessions, investigating fundraising avenues and private polling to measure enthusiasm..." (source)

Listen to Fred Thompson's call to the Mark Levin Show (Stream or download 3/6/07)


Effluent said...

I'm in. I read the Fox report you linked to, and there's another article by Dave Hinz at:


And a Draft Thompson forum at:


I'll be checking your blog for the sidebar codes. I could also build one on my own and link to your site, but I wouldn't want to step on your toes.

Have a nice day!

Zelda said...

I think he would be awesome. I'll throw my support his way.

ALa said...

effluent: feel free to step on my toes! I'd love some help.

Effluent said...

Ha! I love the "reinstate the draft" button!