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27 March 2007

More Polling News Out...

"The latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Friday through Sunday, on the presidential race is out, and it's a humdinger. It's hard to say what the headline even is. Here are a few tries, though:

* Romney's support drops to within the margin of error of not existing (that's 3% support in a poll where the margin of error is 3%).

* Giuliani's support drops 13 percentage points since the last USA Today/Gallup poll, March 2-4 (that's gotta hurt).

* Fred Thompson (not running, by the way) is now the No. 3 in the GOP field, at 12%.

Ultimately, however, I'll go with the headline I've chosen above: "Thompson Takes Bites Out of Giuliani, Romney." While the usual caveats apply about the ridiculous earliness of all of these polls — and, now, the fact that voters know precisely zero about Fred Thompson past what they know of him from "Law & Order" — this is a clear data point on the question of just who is hurt by a Thompson candidacy.

And that is, as I predicted, Mitt Romney (who dropped from 8% to 3% when Thompson was added to the poll), and as I did not in any way predict, Rudy Giuliani, who, again, lost 13 percentage points." (source)

This may explain why Romney's people are getting a little snippy about Thompson... Shame on you "Evangelical's for Mitt", it isn't very Christian to make things up --look at the voting record because that's what counts.


Trafford said...

I came across this blog and he had a funny list that is quite favorable to Mr. Thompson. Pass it on!


Stix said...

If you look at the new GOP straw poll http://www.gopstrawpolls.com/pollresults.php?v=1&refer=
Fred Thompson is leading by a big margine. I know it is early in the campaign season, but with a lead like this in the GOP poll, by conservatives, is a strong showing. I know he did take my vote away from Guiliani. I think that if Fred and Rudy ran together, it would be a great team.

The Cassandra Page said...

Polls are bad. We should not use them even when they are favorable to our cause. In about a year, the latest polls (taken by Hillary's allies at NBC USAToday CBS etc.) will show that Hillary (or some Democrat presumptive nominee) is 7-10 points ahead of the Republican. We won't have credibility denouncing polls THEN if we rely on them NOW.