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28 March 2007

Fred Merchandise to Spread the Word...

Pajamas Media finally added FDT to their straw poll (go vote!) and he's tearing it up...Last I checked he had over 42% of the vote. And the left thought Dean's movement was revolutionary --Thompson hasn't even said he would run. I am so excited...this feels like real democracy doesn't it!?

There is no way for us to judge if this excitement is making it's way out of cyberspace... The only way to do that is to spread the word to the luddites...and what better way than to wear your feelings on your sleeve (or your chest as the case may be)

There is a site dedicated to jump-starting the Thompson movement out in the real world by waving shipping costs for their Thompson '08 t-shirts:

Fred Thompson '08 t-shirts
(This link will remain in the sidebar under FDT Merchandise - I am trying to make sure to get all the new sites that are popping up daily in the sidebar as soon as I find them...)

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