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22 March 2007

FNS: Dems Don't Realize What Happened...

"Last Sunday was a bad day for Democrats, and they hardly noticed.
Why? Democrats avoid Fox News. (Hardcore Democrats don't even like for their candidates to debate on that network.)

So they missed the "bad news" in former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson's Sunday morning interview with Fox's Chris Wallace. Thompson told Fox that he is considering a run for the presidency. He did not make a formal announcement, but I am betting that he is going to be the answer to the Republicans' dilemma.

...But right now, of all the Republican possibilities, he is the Democrats' worst nightmare." (Read the entire article)

(Pictured: Buttons and other really nice (and classy) FDT gear now available at the Official Thompson Store)


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Great Post !!

I was so excited to hear that FDT was considering running. Hope is renewed. None of the other GOP offerrings were anything to write home about. I would have voted for Rudi rather than see Hillary or Osama Obama win, but I believe Rudi will be toast when Fred throws in.
He is like Ronald Reagan & John Wayne all rolled up into one.