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19 March 2007

FDT's Dream Running Mate

I know this is really jumping the gun...but I thought it might be fun to speculate on what the perfect 2008 GOP ticket would look like...

I ran a poll and listed 10 of the possible VPs that came to mind... The results were very interesting!

Fred Thompson's VP?

J.C. Watts-- 28% (38 votes)
Duncan Hunter-- 16% (22 votes)
John McCain-- 1% (1 votes)
Rudy Giuliani-- 12% (17 votes)
Newt Gingrich-- 7% (10 votes)
Col. Ollie North-- 7% (9 votes)
Condi Rice-- 20% (27 votes)
Tony Snow-- 6% (8 votes)
Mary Matalin-- 2% (3 votes)
Colin Powell-- 2% (3 votes)

138 votes total


Reagan Republican said...

All Fred has to do is ask Condi to serve and she will.

OrdinaryColoradan said...

Condi? No. Been too soft in foreign policy. Plus she doesnt want hte job, from all appearances she wants to be Provost of Stanford.

JC Watts is a great orator, and solid conservative as well, and happens to be black. But there are rumors of a child out of wedlock back when he was playing in the CFL - anyone amplify that? JC stays onthe bench until the sekeltons in his closet are cleared up.

Romneymight be a good VP given his region. But he stil has some negatives. Newt would be solid, but he has his problems too and he's another Southerner, so thats out.

McPain, sorry, McCain would never settle for VP. Neither would Giuliani (and talk about skeletons in the closet!)

Duncan Hunter might be the best of whats left.

Looks like we Conservative Repubs don't have much of a bench this year.

OrdinaryColoradan said...

Maybe Bill Owens from Colorado. Just came to mind. I personally dont liek the guy, he and his cronies have wrecked the Reublican party in Coloraddo by runnign insider and country-club repubs. But people outside Colorado seem to like him.