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18 March 2007

FDT Bumper Stickers

Meet Fred Thompson ("a Nationwide grassroots effort focused on gathering and growing support for Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) in hopes of his impending announcement to seek the nomination for Office of The President of The United States in 2008") is offering free (first come first serve) Fred Thompson '08 bumper stickers.

You can choose from two designs:

Just EMAIL THEM, put "Bumper Sticker" as your subject line and include your name and address.


There is also TONS OF STUFF available on CafePress already...

Last but not least, I am running a jumping-the-gun "Who should be FDT's VP?" poll over at Blonde Sagacity. Chime in!

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C.W. said...


Find out why we believe Fred Thompson should run for President.

Join forces with over 6,200 grassroots voters and encourage Fred Thompson to go for it.