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24 March 2007

FDT All Over the WWW

Senator Fred Thompson (or maybe I should say his supporters) are staking out his space on two of the hottest 'new' mediums online...

FDT on YouTube


FDT on MySpace

I still haven't found a single article that has any reaction from Dick Wolfe or Law & Order co-stars... I'd especially love to know what Bush-hater Vincent D’Onofrio has to say about the fervor over Thompson.


Excelsior said...


Novak reports on www.townhall.com that Fred's wife is urging him to declare his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination. I just hope Fred believes, as I do, that "when Mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy."

A good friend who's the head of the Fairtax.org organization in Ohio just returned from DC. She reports that none of the GOP muckety-mucks there are talking about Fred. I told her that these same people are the ones who disastrously ballyhooed Bob Dole against Der Schlickmeister in '92 because "it was his turn." It would appear that Fred's growing support is coming from the grassroots up, thanks in part to your efforts on this blog and on Blond Sagacity. Keep it up!

Menorah said...

If Fred runs, Fred wins. Nuff said.

OrdinaryColoradan said...

Sorry the D'onofrio images I have stuck in my head are of a room temperature IQ type, like blogger Oliver Willis. I guess that comes form his role as Pyle in Full Metal Jacket and the alien in Men in Black.

Anonymous said...

Screw the muckety-mucks - they got us into this mess to begin with by not controlling pork, controlling themselves, nor willing the war.

These are the same kinds that wanted Rockafeller instead of Reagan back in the day. They gave us Bush I, nuf said.

Excelsior said...

Dole ran against Clintstone in '96, not '92. Sorry for the error.