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14 March 2007

Encouraging Non-Scientific Poll...

I ran this poll yesterday on my other site:

If the primaries were held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

Selection -- Votes
Fred Thompson 60% (116 votes)
Rudy Giuliani 10% (19 votes)
John McCain 3% (5 votes)
Duncan Hunter 11% (21 votes)
Mitt Romney 7% (14 votes)
Chuck Hagel 1% (1 vote)
Hillary Clinton 1% (1 vote)
AL Gore 1% (2 votes)
Barack Obama 1% (2 votes)
John Edwards 2% (3 votes)
Other* 5% (10 votes)

194 votes total

*I believe the other was Newt.

Senator Thompson is also sweeping the poll over on Hannity's site Go vote there if you haven't...


Liz said...

that is a good look for you!

Ron Goodwyne said...

Man, you are getting good with photoshop!

Menorah said...

If Fred runs. Fred is elected. Nuff said.

Space said...

ALa, Did you get taller?