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23 January 2008

Thompson Withdraws

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a bit crestfallen today. Yes, of course I knew it was coming but one of the reasons I was so excited about Thompson was because I was so apathetic about the rest.

Here's the official statement:

"Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people. -posted by Fred"

What's a girl to do? Do I try to get excited about someone else, or do I just wait and see who the nominee will be. I'm a Republican in Pennsylvania...so my vote never really does count. Now, that being said, I have never missed voting in an election since the day I turned 18. BUT, our primaries aren't until after Super Tuesday so the nominee is normally pretty clear by then and I'm a red living in a blue state so my general election vote is lost also. It sucks.

I'm 90% sure that my vote will go to McCain. I know many of you won't be happy with that, but (obviously) I have really thought this through and I don;t see another alternative (for me at least). I know some people think "character" shouldn't matter. I think "character" should be everything --and by that I mean if I believe that someone's heart and intentions are genuine. McCain has heart. He loves this country. He served this country with distinction.

...And he may try to mend his foibles by appointing Fred as his VP?

22 January 2008

Thompson's Campaign Struggling...

We needed the South Carolina win. The Conservatives there opted to listen to talking heads rather than research the facts and for that I may never forgive them. On top of the third place disappointment in S.C., Senator Thompson's mother is quite ill and the campaign is not saying what the future holds...

I don't normally reprint entire articles verbatim, but this piece in The National Ledger, by JB Williams, may just be the most succinct recap and explanation of the events to date thus far... I agree with every word.

"Fred Thompson was drafted by the conservative base of the Republican Party for two very simple reasons. One, the Republican National Committee offered no other viable conservative choice and two, only a true traditional conservative can challenge today's Democratic Socialists. Thompson was not planning on running for an office he never aspired to hold. He was asked to put his personal life on hold, and answer the call to serve his fellow conservatives in desperate need of real conservative leadership.

Thompson didn’t enter the race late. The other eight eager beavers entered the race a year early, throwing the nomination process into a confusing tailspin and the nation into unwanted perpetual campaign mode. Those who claim Thompson’s late entry cost him the nomination need to answer why the early “front-runner” Rudy Giuliani, is in worse shape than Thompson in the polls?

No conservative including Thompson, had any chance of winning in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan or Nevada, all heavily liberal, which delivered three different winners in four primaries. So Thompson bet his farm on South Carolina, where conservative candidates normally do best.

But Thompson finished a distant 3rd instead of 1st or even 2nd, after pundits had been painting Thompson as “lazy” – “no fire” – “slow” and “disinterested” since the day he announced his campaign. And now, Thompson’s campaign is in real trouble coming out of South Carolina a distant 3rd.

But, every Republican emerges from South Carolina in trouble. John McCain thinks he emerged from South Carolina a victor. But what did he win? McCain won South Carolina the same way he won New Hampshire, with Independent votes, not Republican votes. So what did he win and how can he turn that into a national victory in November?

The answer is - he can’t turn it into a national victory in November, no matter how much he tells himself he can. He’s simply running on ego, ignoring an overtly obvious reality.

NO Republican can win in November without the support of the Republican base of the party. And none of the new front-runners, McCain, Romney, or Huckabee will enter November with the base of their party intact. Thompson is the only Republican candidate who can bring all Republicans into the voting booth in November, yet too many Republicans choose to ignore this reality." (source)

(Photo Courtesy of: Fred Thompson on flickr)

11 January 2008

Confession of a Political Blogger

Last night's GOP debate in South Carolina was the first one I've watched in its entirety. I know, I know... I have a political site and I should have watched all of them, but I've been pacing myself so I don't lose all interest in this election.

I'm glad I watched though and I hope TonyR did too. He has called Thompson a "corpse"...but that was certainly dispelled last night. Thompson was on fire. He made the Huckster look silly (well, Huck kinda did that on his own by wearing a suit that was obviously left over from the pre-Nutra System days).

What sets Thompson apart is that he doesn't sound like a pre-programmed politician (Romney, Giulinani). He comes across like a wise grandpa that's imparting his amassed wisdom. It's a sin the gen pop doesn't know just how versed he is in foreign affairs and international relations.

IMO FDT was the hands down winner last night. Huckabee's "gates of Hell" line was good (I'll give him that), but Thompson really rose to the occasion and finally let everyone see what a select few of us already knew: He is the clear choice.

All the candidates evoked Reagan last night, but Human Events ("Reagan's paper of record") is only endorsing one of them: Fred Thompson...

"We begin by recalling the profound words of Ronald Reagan at the Conservative Political Action Conference Feb. 15, 1975: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” We believed that then, and we believe it now. The issue for us -- and for the conservative community -- boils down to which of the candidates is most representative of the fundamental conservative principles we believe in. The answer is Fred Thompson." (source)

04 January 2008

Ticket to the Next Dance

...third place in Iowa is good. Winning or losing Iowa isn't indicative of who the nominee will be. Sorry Huckster...

Russ, former Blonde Sagacity contributor (he inherited his father's cattle farm and has more pressing responsibility these days), was given two minutes to speak on behalf of Thompson at his county caucus in Iowa last night. Here is his speech:

"Hello, my name is Russ [from Winterset], and I’ve come here tonight to vote for Fred Thompson. Here is why I think Fred Thompson is the best candidate for President.

Fred Thompson has demonstrated consistent conservative principles. He was a conservative yesterday, he’s a conservative today, and, God willing, he’ll be a conservative President next January. He has laid out more specific issue and policy stances than all the other Republican candidates combined. He has released the most rational immigration plan out there, with an emphasis on border enforcement first, a plan to increase our armed forces to a “million man army”, a detailed plan to save social security, and a comprehensive reform of our tax structure.

Fred Thompson believes that America deserves a strong leader who believes in the greatness of our country. He’ll look out for America’s interests, and I think he’s the best man to have facing down our enemies. And mark my words; Fred Thompson walks the walk like he talks the talk.

Fred Thompson has demonstrated a consistent pro-life record. He realizes that there’s no way that a president from either party is going to get 66 Senators and 37 State Legislatures to support ANY Constitutional Amendment at this time. Having a well meaning Constitutional Amendment as your ONLY option is tantamount to sitting on your hands & doing nothing; but Fred Thompson’s plan to appoint justices who believe in the principles of our founding fathers will return power to the states, where public opinion can still be heard over the sound of interest groups opening their checkbooks. The National Right to Life Committee and seven of their state chapters believe in Fred Thompson, and they’ve given him their endorsement.

Fred Thompson stands for what Republicans believe in: lower taxes, limited government, the defense of the unborn, a secure border, the right to keep & bear arms, an immigration policy that respects the rule of law, and an unwavering commitment to the national security of the United States of America. At every point of his life, Fred Thompson has risen to the challenge and answered America’s call. He’s ready to answer the call to service again, and he can win in November against the Democratic nominee. With your help, he can win tonight in Iowa. Thank you for coming out tonight to caucus, and I’ll be available later to answer any questions you might have."

Fred IS INDEED staying in the race and coming in third (a head of big players like McCain & Giuliani), after getting into the race so late, is nothing to be ashamed of! Go Fred!

28 December 2007

Why the Left And the Right Should Be For FDT

We made fun of Kerry relentlessly for 'flip-flopping', but all politicians have done it. Reagan did, Hillary has, Giuliani and Romney have. It's the nature of the beast --that's why politicians are deemed slimy. It's really not their fault though. You need money to win and effect change and you need to adopt the positions of the big groups to get that money. A pro-life Dem would be forfeiting NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood's cash flow. An Anti-gun Republican would flounder without the NRA's support.

BUT, if a candidate comes along that TRULY believes in the sanctity of the Constitution...their personal views become less significant. This is why I don't understand why Fred Thompson isn't getting support from ALL Americans. Even if he doesn't personally condone abortion, gay marriage (or any number of hot button issues) it won't matter. He doesn't believe it's Constitutional for the federal government (or the Supreme Court) to hand down decisions like that. He is a firm believer in State's Rights. How refreshing. A Presidential candidate that would adhere to the wishes of the founding fathers regardless of his personal convictions.

The left rarely complains about judicial activism because in the past it's always seemed to work in their favor, but what if the tide changed? All Americans should be concerned about 9 or 12 making binding legal decisions for all of us. America is not an oligarchy. A President that believes in the nomination of strict Constructionist judges should be a a requirement of all IMO.

GO HERE to sign up and make phone calls for Fred in Iowa! Help spread the message that astute political bloggers already know...FDT should be the nominee!!!

06 December 2007

Huckabee's Quandry

I can't tell you how many emails I get with "on background" "dirt" on all the GOP candidates. I have only looked into a few of the stories because I'm not interested in the time Giulinani dressed like a chick or Romney farted at a press conference or any of the other little nitpicky things that get floated during primaries.

However, that being said, this new Huckabee debacle that's emerging has the sustenance I feel is post-worthy...(and yes, if it were Fred I will still post it):

"But critics -- including the prosecutor in the case and the victim of the 1984 rape -- say Huckabee wrongly went to bat for a man who should have been kept in prison. Dumond sexually assaulted and killed another woman after he was released from the Arkansas facility, and has since died in prison.

"I am deeply sorry, and I mean, awfully, just horrified [at] what happened,'' Huckabee told reporters. "And there is not a single person that will ever bring those women back to their families.''

The Huffington Post, an online newspaper, escalated the matter Tuesday with the disclosure of several letters from women who said they had been raped or threatened with rape by Dumond. The women -- whose names are blacked out in the Huffington Post story -- asked then-Governor Huckabee to do what he could to keep Dumond behind bars..." (source)

I have always said here that judges and lawyers should be held accountable when they let a guilty person go free and the commit another crime -so why should a Governor be any different? Huckabee stepped in to help free this man and now a woman is dead. No amount of "sorry"s can bring her back. As you all know, Huckabee's not my guy, but if this were my guy...I'd be re-thinking.

04 December 2007

The You Tube Debate

Did anyone watch the CNN-YouTube Debate last night? I'm wondering how involved people are --or how fed up people are already...

Anyway, the snitty little exchange between Romney was quite amusing. Romney accused Giuliani of making NYC a sanctuary city and Giuliani turned it back around and claimed MA had 6 sanctuary cities and that the governor's home was a "sanctuary mansion" that employed illegals. (That was a pretty good one...)

McCain said Ron Paul's brand of isolationism is what caused WWII --this is what allowed Hitler to come to power. he said that he just spent time with the troops and their message is "let us win!" Paul CLAIMS he gets the most of his money from "active duty personnel." I'd like to see the paperwork on that claim.

You all know I'm a Thompson girl, but I do really like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo...and I'd love to buy McCain a beer or two. I swear it's not the Mormon thing, but handsome or not something about Romney rubs me the wrong way...he makes me think of that line from Sixteen Candles about the "oily variety bohunk". Something bothers me about Giuliani too. Neither of them seem sincere to me. Paul's a bit of a loon IMO, but at least he seems like he's passionate and believes what he's saying. Being perfectly candid, I'm going to be pretty upset if either Romney or Giuliani get the nomination...

You can watch some excerpts HERE if you missed it.

I think this is one of the most effective ads I've seen to date. Not an attack ad -just using the candidates own views and stands. I think I can see Romney wincing from here:

H/T: jay at Stop the ACLU

16 October 2007

Will the Real Giuliani Please Stand Up...

Rudy said, "I think that George Soros and MoveOn.org is kind of a new low in vicious, politics of personal destruction…Every campaign I’ve ever seen from them has been about personally destroying the Republican."

But in 1996, speaking to the Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge in 1996, Rudy said this:

"...I believe the anti-immigration movement in America is one of our most serious public problems. And Washington is only making the problem worse.
Today I am also announcing that my office will be working with a coalition of well-known individuals and organizations who oppose the anti-immigration forces now being seen in Washington and elsewhere.

George Soros, international financier and founder of the "Emma Lazarus Fund," which assists legal immigrants..." (source)

Interesting. Giuliani appointed Soros to combat those that would seek immigration limitations...

Rudy said, "I gave my blood for the Republicans in New York."

But, back in 1996 he told Charlie Rose:

"Well, I'm a Republican mayor, but I"m really not. I'm the mayor of New York City. I ran as a Republican, I ran as a Liberal — which really confuses all kinds of people — and I ran as an Independent, as part of the Independent Party, which actually is now the party that's supporting Ross Perot. So I ran a fusion candidacy, like my predecessor Fiorello LaGuardia. So I'm not the most partisan of Republicans."
(source1, source2, source3)

Thompson says:
“I am the consistent conservative,” Mr. Thompson said to several dozen people at a gathering of the New York Conservative Party with former Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato at his side. “I was a conservative yesterday. I am a conservative today, and I will be a conservative tomorrow.”

It is not the time for Republicans who think the best way to beat Democrats is to become more like them."

05 October 2007

Guest Post by DrTony

Conventional wisdom is hardening around the proposition that Fred Dalton Thompson is too lazy, ill-prepared, tired, old, lackluster, inexperienced, inconsistent and bald to make a successful run for President.

Of course, conventional wisdom rarely gets anything right. When it does, it's only by accident.

In this case conventional wisdom is not just wrong but comically so. Thompson will win the Republican nomination for two reasons. First, he's a very impressive candidate. Second, there's no realistic alternative. He will win the general election for the same two reasons. (oh, boy!)

17 September 2007

FDT, Moveon.org and Teri Schiavo

(H/T: Stop the ACLU)

Both Stop the ACLU and Michelle Malkin want FDT to "take a stand" on the Terri Schiavo. When asked about it he said "he had no opinion and couldn’t remember the details." I am ONLY GUESSING here, but I would assume from his other (hands-off) government views that he would agree with me and say that Congress had no business involving themselves with this case. The right keeps talking about the "sanctity of marriage" and Teri was indeed married, and (like him or not) her husband did what he said she wanted...and what most people I know would have wanted. Let's ask Fred about the border, Iraq, Iran, China, Darfur, and a difinitive statement against socialized medicine and leave Teri to finally rest in peace.

12 September 2007

Help Rename the "FredCast"

Apparently FDT has to change the name of his "FredCast" because someone is already using it...a guy named David. :) So he's asking his supporters to come up with a new & improved name to headline his video and audio communications.

The top ten finalists will get an autographed campaign poster and the winner will get bragging rights that their idea was used in a Presidential campaign (I imagine they'll get a poster too...)

Contest Announcement

Go HERE to enter your submission.

You can win if you don't try... ;)

09 September 2007

FDT Bus In South Carolina 9/10/07!

Monday, September 10
South Carolina Fredheads

Greenville, SC
Greenville Marriot
One Parkway East
Greenville, SC 29615
8:50 am – Doors Open

Columbia, SC
Doc’s Barbeque & Southern Buffet
1601 Shop Road
Columbia, SC 29201
12:50 pm - Doors Open

Check Here to see when Fred will be in your state!

06 September 2007

It's Official, He's In!

Watch the Announcement:

"...After months of hints, and false starts, screen star and Republican ex-senator Fred Thompson Thursday launched his run for president, promising to stop "another Clinton" from seizing the White House.

"My friends, I come to you today to tell you that I intend to run for President," Thompson, who already runs second to Republican front-runner Rudolph Giuliani in national polls, said in a video webcast.

"I feel deeply that I am doing it for the right reasons. I love my country and I am concerned about its future."

The craggy ex-senator with a plain-spoken manner and folksy southern charm is wooing core conservatives unhappy with their 2008 field, who fear Democrat Hillary Clinton may follow her husband Bill to the presidency..." (source)

Go Join Friends of Fred and stop Billary '08! ;)

...I guess I have to change the name of the blog now.

04 September 2007

Latest Newsweek: FDT Cover and Article

There is a huge article about Fred Thompson in the newest issue of Newsweek.

"...Like most political attacks—aimed at defining an opponent before he can define himself—the claim that Thompson has spent a lifetime skating by on his God-given talents is a little too easy, and more than a little wrong. Thompson has doubtless had his share of lucky breaks; throughout his life, he's shown an enviable knack for being in the right place at the right time. But in his long, meandering career—as a young Tennessee prosecutor who won 14 of 15 bank-robbery cases, a twice-elected senator and Washington lobbyist and an accidental actor who stars in one of the most popular shows on television—Thompson has never lost a job, or a campaign, because of a lack of effort. "If I had to pick one thing that qualifies him to be president," says Baker, "it's this: he approaches things calmly, deliberately—and he doesn't shoot from the hip."

If anything, Thompson has so far used his laid-back style to his advantage. In a GOP field crowded with accomplished strivers who will seemingly do or say anything to get noticed, he has stood out for his practiced indifference to presidential gamesmanship. His reticence may strike his doubters and detractors as a weakness. But for many voters put off by the other candidates, Thompson's stately but somewhat detached approach to the campaign is reminiscent of another actor turned president. "You're the next Ronald Reagan!" a man tells Thompson at the fair. Thompson, not quite convincingly, downplays the comparison. "No, no, don't say that," he protests. "I have a lot to live up to." (Read the full article here)

31 August 2007

It's Official

"...Actor and former senator Fred D. Thompson confirmed yesterday that he is running for president, ending a political flirtation he has been conducting since March and thrusting himself into the thick of the battle for the Republican nomination.

In a conference call with elected officials and party leaders backing his bid, Thompson campaign manager Bill Lacy said Thompson has finished "testing the waters" and will file papers making his candidacy official next Thursday. Thompson will announce his decision on that day in a webcast, with the campaign encouraging supporters nationwide to attend house parties on that day as the former lawmaker from Tennessee begins a trek through the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida..." (source)